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Never lose another file

Ever experienced that gut-wrenching feeling of losing an important document? Choose LostDoc.com and protect the things that are most important to you. We can back-up nearly any type of file, and even scan hard copies of documents. So don't sit there worrying - sign up with us and achieve inner peace today.

Storage made simple

We can help you to protect family photos, home videos, wills and other legal documents. We know you're busy - so we offer a range of helpful options. We can back your files up via courier, or even visit your home to scan your documents. When it comes to document protection, we're committed to putting the customer first.


Keep your treasured memories safe

Whether it's your marriage certificate or your life insurance policy, we know that your documents and files are important to you. We all want to protect and preserve our treasured belongings - but unfortunately, events such as fire and flooding can strike when we least expect it. Give yourself more peace of mind by choosing LostDoc.com - we offer a simple, affordable service that can back up many different types of valuable files. Don't wait for disaster to strike - sign up with us and protect your documents today.

Protect your business

Business thrives on information, and any loss of data can be massively damaging for your company. Choose LostDoc.com and you can rest assured that your critical information is safe and can be easily restored.

If you're worried about data breaches, we also offer integrated solutions to help your business to store and share files more securely. We can help you control who has access to your valuable data, and our Private Email Networks can protect your staff when sharing information with third parties. Talk to us today about overhauling your data security, and achieve more 'zen' for your business.